Wellness & Nutrition

The Vitabot Program

At CCAC we have embraced a revolutionary concept - nutrition comes from food, NOT from a pill, bar or powder! Buying nutritional supplements does not equal a healthy diet. Vitamin pills plus French fries doesn’t equal nutrition. In our role as your fitness center, we will provide the information you need to eat and exercise effectively.

The innovative Vitabot® software package is a unique online tool that allows you to analyze your eating program and make the changes that ensure you’re eating right. The Vitabot® nutritional requirements are based on standards defined by the Institute of Medicine of the National Academies of Science. You will be graded on your daily diet based on numerous factors. Need more fiber, you’ll know it. Worried about eating too many calories? Find out if it’s true. It’s easy, fun, proven and effective!

Tired of miracle pills? You already know the truth.
Real success comes from complete balanced nutrition at the correct level of calories from real healthful foods.