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(18th floor Penthouse of the Barlow Building with windows overlooking the city)
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Member Stories

At CCAC we are very proud to be able to give our members the guidance and support they need to achieve their goals. Read these stories from our happy members....or even better, come experience the CCAC difference for yourself!
"Diet and exercise is not all it takes....it takes Chevy Chase Athletic Club!  I can tell you that CCAC is the place that can get you where you want to go with your personal goals.  Having been a professional athlete and been in shape 20 years ago - I knew what it would take - someone with the knowledge, expertise, patience and attitude to get me there.  I had the drive, determination and goals, and the staff at Chevy Chase became part of my team.  They outlined a plan that allowed me to attain my weight loss and fitness goals.  I lost 30 lbs - doing it the right way - and now I am back into the shape I was in when I played on the tour.  If you have goals and are ready to make a commitment, Chevy Chase Athletic Club will get you there!"

"I love Chevy Chase Athletic Club.  It's a place where I feel comfortable and feel like the trainers there are really wanting to help me succeed at my weight loss goal.  CCAC has the best trainers in town and I am lucky to have them.  They push me and encourage me to get my butt in the gym.  And it is a great price too.  Convenient location, not a huge meat head gym and a great family atmosphere."

"I have been a member of Chevy Chase Athletic Club for several years.  The fitness team are always finding new ways to challenge me and help me be the healthiest person that I can be.  My husband and I have accomplished finishing two marathons and several half marathons with CCAC's help.  Chevy Chase Athletic Club is more than a gym for me and my husband; the team is part of our family."
"Chevy Chase Athletic Club is an important part of my life.  I believe in taking care of my body mentally and physically, and I accomplish both these things at CCAC.  The club keeps up with the latest and greatest technology and the staff is quite motivating.  No matter what your need or focus is for yourself, they will help you succeed and have fun doing it."




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